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“The 52-Week Mental Health Journal is a wonderful way to organize positive thoughts and reflect on daily mental health. The entries ask meaningful questions that allow the reader to think and reflect. I recommend it to everyone seeking a way to clarify feelings and purpose.”

―Miriam Nisenbaum, LMSW, ACSW

"Cynthia’s journal guides you through the process of self-reflection and introspection, and as the person you want to be emerges on the pages she shows you the steps you can take to transform yourself. If you want to change but don’t know where to begin start with this book!"

―Will Francis, LMSW, Executive Director of National Association of Social Workers, Texas

“This workbook gently guides and supports you through the process of journaling to improve your mental health and resiliency. 52-Week Mental Health Journal differs from other journals in the self-help genre because of its high-quality, purposeful questions. Get out your favorite pen to capture your ideas and memories, acknowledge your current presence, and spark deep reflections of your past, present, and future self. Committing to Dr. Catching’s journaling process is a creative, fun way to explore the most influential person in your life―your authentic self.”

―Debra Riggs, CAE, executive director, NASW Virginia and Metro DC chapters

"This book takes care of the “where do I start” question. Often times, as with many things, the most difficult part of writing down your thoughts is knowing where to begin. Cynthia’s 52 Week Mental Health Journal takes care of that The intuitive prompts and insightful topics help the veteran and novice journalist alike set their thoughts to paper. I have had a front row seat in watching the crafting and development of this journal and I know that you will find it infused with care and concern for our collective well-being."

―Amazon Customer

"I’ve been responding to the prompts for about two weeks. I find them really thought-provoking and relevant. I’ve been working through some stress and depression issues, and the book is really helping me reframe my thinking on them. I came into this with some specific goals, and I feel like the journal is helping me work towards those goals in a doable but proactive way.

Each week of the journal focuses on specific aspects of your life. It has a supportive overall tone, but it also focuses on specific approaches to not only being aware of our thoughts and approaches to life and problems but how to change these things for the better.

There is a theme for each week, like “Connection & Engagement” and “Calm & Resiliency.” And then those are broken down by day. The idea is to write a brief, considered response and then sit with that for a little while.

What I like about this journal is the prompts, which I find engaging and helpful, and the focus on concrete ideas, instead of vague platitudes. The author is a great therapist. She really focuses on working towards goals and helping to encourage patients to make positive changes, and I think this book is a great extension of that approach."

―Amazon Customer

Guided journaling is a simple but powerful tool. It can help you attend to your emotional needs, boost your mood, and set goals both big and small. With a focused prompt for every day of the year, the 52-Week Mental Health Journal helps you navigate four core pillars of good mental health―calm and resiliency, connection and engagement, goals and purpose, and healthy living―so you can thrive in every area of your life.

This yearlong mental health journal includes:

  • Quick and effective prompts―Take just a few minutes each day to reduce stress, increase your connection to others, and find deeper meaning in your life.

  • Evidence-based methods―The exercises in this mental health journal are rooted in research-supported techniques like mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Inspiring quotes―Find wisdom and motivation with poignant words from philosophers, artists, writers, and more.


Discover a clear path to improved well-being with the 52-Week Mental Health Journal.

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